Asset Management

Dunbar’s asset management services develop and implement customized asset management strategies for third party portfolios that focus on value protection and creation through proactive management, aggressive leasing and efficient operations. Dunbar can deliver superior service for different property types, from multifamily and industrial to office and retail.

Our Comprehensive range of services include: 

  • Property management supervision
  • Lease supervision and lease proposal analysis
  • Long-term investment strategies
  • Cash flow analysis, pro forma analysis and financial modeling
  • Risk Analysis
  • Identifying Buy/ Sell & Financing Opportunities


Due Diligence

Although viewed as unglamorous, the importance of detailed due diligence cannot be overestimated. Completing the time consuming due diligence process is a key component to any successful commercial real estate transaction. Running Argus valuations, conducting contract negotiations,  assembling realistic proformas and fact checking assumptions are all key elements that Dunbar can provide for a client.

Dunbar can act as an extension of your real estate department to ensure that all critical aspects of any investment transaction have been accounted for and thoroughly researched. With extensive experience presenting to investment committees, Dunbar can also anticipate questions and address concerns before they arise.

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Lease Auditing, Abstracting and Administration
  • Creating ARGUS analysis & auditing existing Argus files
  • Market  Analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Hiring and Managing Third Party Consultants
  • Property underwriting
  • Acquisition and disposition consulting
  • Investor and Loan packaging
  • Environmental and entitlement processing
  • Ground Lease Negotiation & Valuations
  • Tenant Interviews


Real estate cycles create opportunity and perhaps none more so than the current cycle. Dunbar Real Estate Investment Management understands the need to maintain disciplined investment parameters. Looking below the surface can uncover issues that might otherwise undermine returns and with a commitment to establishing long-term relationships and repeat engagements, Dunbar offers unbiased counsel based on a thorough analysis of every potential transaction.

Dunbar has extensive experience identifying acquisitions for successful commercial real estate investors. Contacts throughout the investment community and a history with sellers, gives Dunbar an advantage that can be leveraged by clients. By drawing on this experience, Dunbar can usher a deal through all phases of the process—from initial sourcing to due diligence and closing.

Acquisition Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Property Visits
  • Analysis and Valuation
  • Investment Strategy
  • Property and Land
  • Lender Coordination


With an impressive track record executing dispositions, Dunbar has learned techniques to maximize values in property sales. Determining the proper holding period. Targeting appropriate buyer profile. Marketing creatively. Analyzing bids and selecting a buyer with the greatest likelihood of closing. These are among the challenges in any disposition that Dunbar can help navigate. The firm’s knowledge of top commercial brokers is also a differentiating factor, which ultimately helps generate returns that exceed expectations of client/owners.

Disposition Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Interview/Buyer Recommendations
  • Third Party Broker Recommendations
  • Review Marketing Materials
  • Offer Summaries
  • File gathering/Data Management
  • Hold/Sell Analysis
  • Sale Coordination

Property Management

Dunbar Real Estate Investment Management offers the highest caliber of Property Management Services and strives to develop programs and services that create added value for its clients, residents and tenants. Our innovative thinking and customer service culture keeps Dunbar on the cutting edge of property management.

Dunbar’s established goals and objectives serve to:

  • Provide owners with time sensitive financial reporting that meets their requirements;
  • Routinely assess market conditions in order to predict trends and to respond accordingly;
  • Manage income and control expenses using sound fiscal policy, thus enhancing the value of the physical asset;
  • Maintain higher occupancy through aggressive marketing and lease renewal strategies;
  • Evaluate current staff, vendors and budget assumptions on an ongoing basis.

Dunbar’s management services include:

  • Tenant Relations and Retention Plan
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting including monthly statements
  • Lease Administration
  • Service Contract Negotiation and Administration
  • Engineering Services
  • Annual Operating Budget and Business Plan Development Plan
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Reliable vendors and maintenance personnel that are licensed and/or bonded as required
  • All funds held in trust accounts in accordance with state laws
  • Regular property visits and inspections, both interior and exterior as required
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Detailed Risk Management programs
  • Energy conservation programs